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Safe, Simple, Calm
nail care

That is our mission.

This beautiful dog needed a different nail care option.  Using clippers or grinders caused a big, unhappy struggle for everyone.  Luckily her owner got her a Knobby Nail File.  Now there is peace - and excellent nail care!

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The Knobby Collection

Unique tools that will change your dog's opinion of nail care!

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Another happy
Knobby customer!

who USED to be very UNHAPPY about nail trims!

And his nails have to look good -

he's a dog actor that appears in movies and on television!

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Why choose a Knobby Nail File?

Knobby Nail Files are carefully handcrafted in the USA.

Made to last a lifetime, with its rugged construction and large, durable, highly efficient, super coated aluminum oxide corundum filing surface -which is replaceable!  That's why it's called the "Forever File".

The comfortable, smooth handle is positioned to give you unmatched filing power and control. 

Has a large filing surface that allows you to file multiple nails at once, or to, just as easily, focus on a single nail or dewclaw.

Completely safe and simple to use, and is wonderful for nervous owners and nervous dogs who may have had previous bad experiences with nail care.

A real help for owners with less than perfect eyesight - with the large filing surface, your "aim" doesn't have to be as perfect!  And the large handle is easier on arthritic hands.

Great option for dogs that are terrified of nail clippers and grinders.   Many previously scared dogs don't react to the Knobby at all!

Easy solution for doing the hind feet of "scratch board" trained dogs.  The Knobby is like a small, hand held, scratch board to finish the job!

Helpful if you are working on getting your dog's quicks to recede.  A few strokes of a Knobby on each nail daily, and you'll soon see positive results.

While you can certainly find a cheaper, mass produced, ordinary nail file, it won't give you and your dog the lifetime of superior performance you'll get with a Knobby Nail File.

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Knobby Care and Tips

 Caring for your Knobby 

Store your Knobby files safely out of reach of pets and children!

 You don't want your Knobby turned into a chew toy by your dog, or a weapon of destruction by your kid. (true story - when I was a wee child, I found an emery board and filed the television screen with it!)

Keep your Knobby file dry!

 Use the enclosed brush to clean the filing surface and use a soft cloth, if needed, to wipe the handle.  Do not soak, submerge or wash the file.

Replacing the filing disc

 If you ever wear out the filing disc, it's easy to replace. Just carefully peel the gold filing disc off, without damaging the black layer of "hook" fastener that is underneath. Then just press the new filing disc on. The "loop" fastener on the back of the disc will hold it securely in place.

Tips for Use 

Your dog's nails will be slightly softer

 and easier to file after being out in damp grass, snow, rain, or after a bath.

Try to do your filing sessions wherever

 your dog is most comfortable and relaxed - on the bed, couch, floor, grooming table or wherever they are happiest.

Go  SLOW  if your dog is nervous,

 or has had previous bad experiences. 

A Lick-It mat can be a good distraction and reward for your dog while filing.

Take your time and keep sessions short.

Remember the Big 3 - Lots of praise, Lots of patience and Lots of treats!

In the beginning, you may want to give a treat each time you touch a nail.

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Shipping Information

We want your Knobby shopping experience to be fabulous!

  As in easy, fun and carefree!  And we want you to love your new Knobby Nail File!  If there is any way we can assist you, before, during or after your purchase, please just let us know.  


Knobby Nail Files are made in New York state.

In stock items will ship in 1-2 business days.  

 Shipping is by USPS.  Flat rate shipping is $4.95, within the US only.

 Returns -within 30 days.  Refunds exclude shipping.

Thank you for shopping Knobby!

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Happy Pups, Happy People!

This product is brilliant!!! 
My BC absolutely HATES to have his nails trimmed!  He pretends he has no paws and we're rolling all about trying to find his paws.  It's traumatic...for us both!  So, I've been taking him to either a groomer or the vet to have his nails done... no problem there.. but $$$.  I tried a dremel - that was a no.  I mean to tell you, he didn't even flinch at this product!  I should seriously make a video of me trying to trim his nails with a traditional clipper and me using this - a day and night difference!  We're not wrestling and everyone is happy!  Absolutely brilliant!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I wish I invented this.  This is a life saver!

Lisa Z.

Love your product!
I am a retired Veterinary Technician and I gotta say I love it!  I have been telling my dog friends about them.  My Terv is fussy with her back feet, I can clip her nails, but it takes patience. However I can file her nails while she is chewing on a bully stick and no fussing at all! Thanks for the great idea!

Beverly L.

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Thanks for your interest in Knobby Nail Files!  For more information or other assistance, just drop us a note. We look forward to hearing from you!

(518) 312-6052

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 Every Dog Deserves

Comfortable, Healthy Paws.

Every dog, no matter his or her age, size or origin, whether a sports dog or couch surfer, a hardcore  mountain hiker or neighborhood stroller - ALL our best buddies and partners need well maintained nails and paws to support a fun and comfortable lifestyle. At the Knobby Nail File Store, it’s our mission to make it as easy as possible for every dog owner to keep their best friend’s nails in tip top condition, so all pups are on sound footing for all the fun times and years that lie ahead!  Much love to your pups,   from Sally, Belle and Wren ❤️

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