Welcome to Knobby Nail Files!

Safe, Simple Tools

For Your Dog's Nail Care


A Peaceful Nail 

Care Option...

for nervous dogs 

(or nervous owners)


Safe and Simple,

even for dogs that hate nail clippers!

  The Knobby difference  starts with the handle - big and comfortable to hold, easy to grip to give you more filing POWER and CONTROL.

  Then there is the highly durable, Super Coated Aluminum Oxide Corundum filing surface to efficiently and safely shorten your dog's nails.

  But the real difference is in how you and your dog will start to relax about nail care.  No more cutting, pain or mishaps,  instead you will be able to remove the excess nail in an quick but controlled fashion, that is safe and comfortable for both of you.

   In just a few minutes a week, you'll be able to keep your dog's nails in great shape!



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